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adidas x deadHYPE A-ZX ZX8000 BW - Register Now on END. Launches

Sep 08 2020

Teaming up with the Berlin-based collective, adidas share the latest offering from their A-ZX series.

adidas x deadHYPE A-ZX ZX8000 BW - FX8528

adidas x deadHYPE A-ZX ZX8000 BW - FX8528

adidas x deadHYPE A-ZX ZX8000 BW - FX8528

adidas x deadHYPE A-ZX ZX8000 BW - FX8528

The latest style to drop as a part of adidas' A-ZX concept, the German sportswear stalwarts share the deadHYPE A-ZX ZX8000 BW sneaker.

Reworking the legendary ZX8000 sneaker, Berlin-based creative collective come together with adidas to share a twist on an icon and pay homage to the overlooked street-style that can be seen around the German capital. Constructed with plush purple leather uppers, this rendition of the ZX8000 removes adidas' trademark three-stripes for a subtler take on the silhouette, complete with dual-branded details.

The adidas x deadHYPE A-ZX ZX8000 BW is available for registration online now via END. Launches.

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