Born out of the sun-baked deserts of North-Africa, Casablanca is the elegant dictation derived from the nostalgic vision of idealist and founder, Charaf Tajer.
Formerly of Parisian streetwear outfit, Pigalle and a consultant to Off-White and Louis Vuitton head honcho Virgil Abloh, Tajer set about to create a new direction of style, a one that tapped into his heritage and vision of life. Casablanca is an embodiment of culture obtained by Tajer’s essence of nostalgia growing up in Morocco, where his parents met and fell in love. The style and expression of the people in Casablanca moved towards silk shirting and powerful colour-palettes – drip feeding its way into the visual language of Tajer and ultimately influencing the foundations of the Parisian, Italian aesthetic that the Casablanca brand possesses today.
This nostalgic spirit formed Tajer’s ideas about what he wants his brand to make, be and stand for. In turn, this comes with his notion of idealism to begin the fusion between leisurewear and high-fashion, perfecting a combination of comfort and elegance. This is all a dissection that signifies the dual-heritage of its founder, and a channel for his world of travel, nature and architecture.
“I want to spread beauty and self-confidence, to express what’s beautiful in the world and about the world, and in all of us.” – Charaf Tajer.
Aesthetically, Casablanca offers a wearable vision of ancient architecture manifested through the line’s palette of rich colours, silks and warming sweaters. Tajer’s affinity to his perfect world also comes under the scope of accentuated fresh tennis whites with pops of pastel colours, for that special idealist Casablanca Tennis Club. It is a refinery of relaxed sportswear that caters for the luxury outing. Casablanca is for wearing when the days are done, but when the night has not yet begun.
Although only two years old, Casablanca has already been making noise through the fashion sphere. Their collaboration with New Balance on the newly introduced 327 silhouette has become one of the most-sought after sneaker partnerships of the past year. To sit with such partnership, Charaf Tajer and his brand were nominated for the iconic LVMH prize this year, cementing themselves alongside previous nominees Craig Green and A Cold Wall’s Samuel Ross.
SEVENSTORE welcome Casablanca with a unique editorial housed in Manchester Tennis & Racquet Club, paying homage to the brand’s idealist world of tennis affiliation.
The latest collection of Casablanca is available in-store and online now.